Hotel WBF Shin-Osaka Sky Tower

7-4-20 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-Ku Osaka City JapanOpening project team:  81(0)6-7711-7877Weekdays 10:00~18:00

Hotel WBF Shin-Osaka Sky Tower


    Hotel Concept

    We aim for convenience, functionality, and comfort Functional & Comfortable

    We want to be a hotel that makes people
    feel that they want to come again.

    We offer high quality spaces and services that emphasize the convenience, functionality and comfort inherent in a hotel. We offer rooms that emphasize quality, convenience and versatility, sensory ingredients and cuisine, and most of all, services that reach people's hearts.

    Design Concept

    侘び寂びーWabi Sabi and Shibui—

    • 外観
    • ロビー
    • 客室

      ーWabi Sabi and Shibui—

      Express Japanese aesthetics with traditional motifs.

      "Wabi" expresses the richness and splendor of harmony with a serene appearance, while also expressing the richness of space. "Sabi" expresses seclusion, the exterior is calm but gently rises into the sky, while the calm, monotone appearance during the day transform into a vivid scene with a bright lights at night. The rooms are designed in the form of the sun and the moon, representing a harmonious landscape of Japan, painted with indigo blue and tang red to represent a traditional Japanese scene.

      グローバルスタンダードGlobal Standard

      • レストラン(昼景)
      • レストラン(夕景)
      • ルーフトップバー

        Global Standard

        Without being constrained by culture or preconceived notions,
        Design that continuously stimulates the five senses

        Restaurants and rooftop bars are private but public spaces that start and conclude the guest's day. They are the stage where guests, guests, who are the main guests, can play and enjoy an enjoyable space, such as brilliant interiors, Hikari, and music. "The restaurant has a refreshing, sparkling design that is like ""sky"" based on Prussian Blue and Cretaceous, and the roof top bars create a magical space with a high-rise feeling of freedom outdoors and Hikari floors and wall art."

        DESIGN ART



        MOMOCO, a painter who loves color. 「MOMOCO」

        She has worked as a fashion designer for a major apparel brand for 10 years.
        She has been seriously engaged with being a painter since 2016.

        In 2017, she was invited as a woman's live painter to take part in a performance at the world's largest annual exhibition 'MAGIC' in Las Vegas.
        Making use of the balance of colors that she experienced as a designer, she aimed to create art that continues to evolve and incorporate new trends and fashionable colors into her works.

        The unconventional touches are expressed in a variety of ways, including mural paintings, packaging designs, and corporate collaborative live paintings.
        Above all, painting huge murals of vibrant art in a short period of time attracts people's hearts. She continues to actively communicate with art in Japan and around the world.

        Hotel WBF Shin-osaka Sky tower
        4-20 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-Ku Osaka City Japan
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