Hotel WBF Shin-Osaka Sky Tower

7-4-20 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-Ku Osaka City JapanOpening project team:  81(0)6-7711-7877Weekdays 10:00~18:00

Hotel WBF Shin-Osaka Sky Tower

Breakfast Buffet

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    The 60 kinds of Italian grill buffets.
    Full-fledged Power Charge Break First!Energizing at the beginning of a valuable day!!

    About 60 Italian grill buffets tied to "volume" such as live grills with a variety of meats, unlimited combinations of hamburgers that customers can select themselves.
    We also enjoy about 20 varieties of Vernagakauda that incorporates the fruits of Senshu vegetables for female customers and the Sky Tower Pafe that can be enjoyed at about 100m above the ground.

    TIME 6:30-10:00 (LO None)
    FLOOR 32F
    FEE Customer fee Adult \2,000 (excluding tax)
    Reservation of Breakfast Plan

    Breakfast Menu

    Live grill of diverse meats.

    About 10 types of meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, and sausages, that are freshly baked in front of a chef with a steel-sheet grill, are absent.Yaked meat can also be arranged for "Preferred hamburgers" along with Vernagakauda vegetables.

    Preferred hamburgers.

    A hamburger that can be enjoyed freely according to customer preferences. By combining about 10 types of topping with fresh meat and Verna Couda made with live grill, Unlimited Combination ⇒ Create a "Background Recipe" that combines other biking menus!

    Vegetable Teams and osaka Miso Verniakauda.

    Senshu Vegetables are also used to produce a number of Toyoyomi hot and cold vegetables. We are also committed to the use of DIP products, such as original DIP products that use osaka miso.

    Sky Tower Fair.

    We have a "Tower Perfe" that allows customers to select ingredients according to their preferences. We will support the active start of the day with "pafe from the morning."。

    To customers who like Japanese and western cuisine.

    For breakfast, we also offer Japanese-style prepared foods, miso soup, and a reliable standard menu for people starting with "rice dishes.",etc... You can change the mood and enjoy Italian-style western dishes. Of course, "Gatsuri" bowls are also recommended with live grill meat!


    "Quality Coffee & Drink"

    Coffee is carefully selected for each season. We can also enjoy the Nitro Coffee brand of beer-like foams. Of course, we also offer fresh drinks and hot drinks such as cappuccino and cocoa.

    Morning's holiday rooftop.

    You can use the rooftop bar for breakfast.Morning coffee rises from the mountains of Ikoma, and the coffee drinks with Asahi are a perfect piece of coffee.Please feel the morning wind and charge the sun the same day's energy!

    Hotel WBF Shin-osaka Sky tower
    4-20 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-Ku Osaka City Japan
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