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Hotel Reservation
  • Check-in

    STEP : 1


    1. Check-in at the front desk.
    2. Choose the capsule type, with TV or without TV.
    We have deluxe capsules with TV and mini desk for male, and twin room capsules with shared space and TV for female.
    3. You will receive the locker key upon payment.
    Please use the trunk room by the front desk to store large luggage such as suitcase.
    You can borrow keyed chain at the front desk.
    You can’t enter the locker area without key.

  • Locker room

    STEP : 2

    Locker room

    Men’s locker room is on the 1st floor and women’s locker room is on the 2nd floor. Room wears, amenities (toothbrush, bath towel, face towel, slipper) are provided at the locker room.

  • Shower room & powder room

    STEP : 3

    Shower room & Powder room

    Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are provided in the shower room.
    Skin cream, hair products for men, cotton swabs, razors, hair dryer, etc are provided in the men’s powder room.
    Face lotion, face wash, beauty essence, hair dryer, etc are provided in the women’s powder room.

  • Lounge

    STEP : 4


    Would you like to drink something before bed? Wide selection of beers, juice, and other beverages are available.

  • Capsules

    STEP : 5


    We use feather bedding set for the capsules. Please enjoy the latest comfort sleep in our capsules.

  • Check-out

    STEP : 6


    Please return the locker key at the front desk.


Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservation