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  • ビッセ


    The concept of ODORI BISSE is " Bringing you the Northern good life". ODORI BISSE is located in the center of downtown. There are many financial institutions and administrative organizations around the area. It is a cross point for people in Sapporo. Many shops people can enjoy are tenanted in the building. There are various shops and restaurants such as Organic Herbs shop, Kanpo (Chinese Medicine) shoBBQ) restaurant, Sushi bar, Rice Omelet restaurant, etc. p, Yakiniku (Korean style The "BISSE SWEETS" floor gathers six popular sweets shops in Hokkaido.


    Sapporo Odori Nishi #4 building - ISHIYA Shop

    • 大通駅前

      Sapporo Odori Nishi #4 building 
       ISHIYA Shop

      Since Jun 2013, "Sapporo Odori Nishi #4 building" has been built as a new landmark in Sapporo. The building has 12 floors above ground and 2 below. "Bank of Akita", "Odori Blood Donation Room" and others are located in the building. "ISHIYA SHOP" is located on the 1st floor. "ISHIYA CAFE" and "Candy Labo" are located on the second basement floor. The building is connected with Sapporo underground walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho). It is easy to stop by between shopping, after work, during traveling.

      Kitakaro Sapporo Honkan

      • 北菓楼

        Kitakaro Sapporo Honkan

        [Kitakaro Sapporo Honkan] was open in March 2016 using the renovated building which was originally established as previous Hokkaido Library, the first real library, in Sapporo in 1926. The shop building was designed by Mr. Tadao Ando, who is the famous architect in the world. The design of the building is well-organized and modern style. The shop is located on the first floor and the cafe is in wide-open area on the second floor. Music concerts or some events are scheduled in the cafe.

        Hotel WBF Sapporo Odori
        〒060-0001 4F Sanko Odori Koen Bldg., 4-1-1,Kita1-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
        check-in 15:00 / out 11:00

        TEL: +81(0)11-252-1252