Hokkaido Seasonal all you can drink Sapporo Classic Beer!Drink menu includes coffee・beers・all kind of alcohol・soft drinks and so on. So that guests can experience the atmosphere of Hokkaido in our Lounge, a large range of alcohols from Hokkaido are arranged to match perfectly with the Hokkaido`s snacks displayed. You could later on buy those snaks as a souvenirs of Hokkaido...


Sapporo Classic Beer

Sapporo Classic, which can only drink in Hokkaido, is available on the beer server. Besides, you can also drink alcohol drinks such as sake and shochu that are particular in Hokkaido.

Sapporo Classic Beer
  • Drink Menu

    Drink Menu

    ◆ Hokkaido sake Wine Otaru Nayagara (White), Otaru Rose Sake Chitose Tsuru Namara Super Hot Shochu Shiso Shochu Taku Takatan Plum wine plum wine ◆ Limited day of the week Sparkling Wine Opera Brew Mini Bottle Wine red wine ◆ Soft drinks Fujita farm squeezed 100% juice from Yoichi Apples, grapes, tomatoes, oolong tea, and sweet tea ◆ Cocktail Corner From May 15, 2016, we have set up a cocktail corner where customers can enjoy cocktails freely. We have prepared an explanation

  • Local Hokkaido's famous confectionery and various

    Local Hokkaido's famous confectionery and various

    Hokkaido, Sapporo's fine confectionery, and various snacks are prepared daily.