Tourism Information・Activities

Maesato Beach

It is one of famous beach resorts in Ishigaki island. Many people visit there. It is an artificial beach in the area of a large hotel but visitors can enter without charges. There are many beach houses and shops. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling, banana boat or other activities without preparation. Not limited to Maesato Beach, all beaches in Ishigaki have beautiful cobalt blue color sea and a long swimming period. Because you can swim in Maesato Beach from March to the end of October

Ishigaki Rito Terminal

There are white sand beach, red brick roof houses and oxcarts. This scene is rarely seen even in Okinawa now. You can see the scene in Yaeyama islands. Ishigaki Rito Terminal is the entrance to visit Yaeyama islands. Ferries are available from this terminal to Taketomi island, Iriomote island, Hatoma island or other main islands. It is easy to access the terminal from Hotel WBF Resort Inn Ishigaki by bus or bicycle. Therefore, many guests who are traveling islands stay in our hotel.

Ishigaki Area

  • Ishigaki City Public Market

    Ishigaki City Public Market

    Ishigaki City Public Market - This is a market that many local people come for grocery shopping. It is popular with tourists because you can find some rare ingredients that only local people know. You can buy fish paste or sweets made in Ishigaki.

  • Tamatorizaki Sightseeing Tower

    Tamatorizaki Sightseeing Tower

    Tamatorizaki Sightseeing Tower - A half of Ishigaki island (north side) is Hirakubo peninsula. Because of the shape of peninsula, it is called `a tail of Shisa`. Since Tamatorizaki sightseeing tower is located in the base part of the tail, you can see Hirakubo peninsula and cobalt blue color see. It is very good for photos. Recommend taking photos for SNS.

  • Sanei Ishigaki City

    Sanei Ishigaki City

    Sanei Ishigaki City - It is a large shopping mall which is located in front of Hotel WBF Resort Inn Ishigaki. It is within 1-min-walk distance from our hotel. They have many stores in Okinawa and they sell many kinds of Okinawa local food or sweet. Those are good for your room snacks or suvenires. Please enjoy shopping with local people.