Tourism Information・Activities

Kuromon Market

This historic shopping district is known as the kitchen of Osaka, which deals in high-quality seafood and other ingredients. Osaka has been prosperous since the Edo Period as the kitchen of Japan, a country blessed with fresh and delicious ingredients, and is pronounced "Shokuiku Kozure." This market is one of the important centers supporting the food culture of Osaka. Many people from restaurants come to buy them, and these days they are very popular not only for Japanese but also for oversea tourists. It's a short walk from our hotel, so you can take home the warm, delicious delicacies you bought at Kuromon Market and enjoy.

Bunraku Theater

The National Bunraku Theater is conveniently located 1 minute walk from Nihonbashi Station on the Sennichimae Line of the OsakaMetro Sakaisuji Line. It is designated as an intangible heritage with a total seating of 753. Beginning with Bunraku, it performs traditional Japanese performing arts such as traditional Japanese music, dance, folk performing arts, Kabuki and popular performing arts throughout the year. In addition to the theater, there are restaurants, exhibition rooms, stores, and libraries, making Bunraku a familiar place. 


Located along the Dotonbori River across the city of Osaka Minami, this is a very bustling shopping and gourmet street regardless of day or night. There are a number of instant showy attractions in Osaka, such as Charm Point's Kuida Oretaro, the huge crab of Doraku, Glico's electronic bulletin boards, and Don Quijote's Ferris wheel.

Denden Town

It is a large electric town along Sakaisuji, and is ranked with Akihabara in Tokyo. Not only electronics, electrical appliances, and parts, but also stores related to Japan's subculture are gathering here, making it Osaka's "holy place for otaku." The abundant lineup is popular with foreign tourists, and is bustling day and night.

Sennichimae Shopping District

Located in the center of Osaka Minami, there are many famous local Osaka residents in this Sennichimae shopping district, which is a large shopping district called the north-south-east shopping district. It is said that shops began gathering in this area in the Meiji period, and it is one of the most venerable shopping districts in Osaka. The Sennichimae Shopping District features the famous okonomiyaki shop Hatsuse, Yukari, Kyochabana, and Mitsu, which represents the Kokomon culture, and you can enjoy the authentic taste of Osaka Minami.