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It is the famous main street of Osaka stretched from the center of Osaka to south and north. Along with the street, two historical temples, Kita Mido and Minami Mido, are built. Because the street connects those temples, it is called `Mido-suji`. This streets is one-way street towards south even though there are many lanes. Many ginkgo trees are planted as street trees and the leaves turn yellow in fall. In winter, LED lights are put on the trees. Many tourists visit to see the the illumin

Utsubo Park (Osaka Science and Technology Museum)

It is a long urban-type park extended in an east -west direction, from Yotsuyabashi suji (Nishi District of Osaka city) to Naniwa suji. In the park, there are trees and flowers showing different colors in each season. Tennis courts and sports facilities are built in the park. Since there are many benches, you can take a break with a tea and snack. Next to Utsubo park, there is Osaka Science and Technology Museum operated by Osaka city. Entrance charge is free.

Chuo・Yodoyabashi Areas

  • Yuki Museum

    Yuki Museum

    Yuki Museum - it is located within a short walking distance from Hotel WBF Kitasenba WEST. The name of museum originates the name of person, Yuki. He is the founder of `Kiccho` which is a fine Japanese restaurant succeeded in Osaka. Mr. Teiichi Yuki, the founder, collected tea-things. This museum exhibits his collections. Many collected items have the high artistic value. This is one of important spots you can learn old Japanese art.

  • Chuo Kokaido

    Chuo Kokaido

    Chuo Kokaido - It is a historical building built with the fund provided by Einosuke Iwamoto, who was called a legendary stockjobber. Although it was build in the Taisho Period, it still has strong presence in this age. A tour to see the inside of the building is available with charge.

Namba・Shinsaibashi Areas

  • Shinsaibashi Suji Shopping Area

    Shinsaibashi Suji Shopping Area

    This is one of longest shopping area penetrating Osaka Minami in a south-north direction. It starts from Senba area to the area of Takashimaya in Namba. There are many clothing shops, restaurants, general stores, drag stores and others in the area. The area is always busy. You can enjoy walking around the area because there are many unique shops.