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Osaka Castle

  • 会員様専用ラウンジ

    Osaka Castle

    There are many place to see besides Tenshukaku! In spring, cherry blossoms come out in the garden of Nshinomaru and you can take a photo as if a castle is on the cherry blossom trees. The Gokuraku Bridge over OHORI (a pond surrounding the castle) is one of the best photo spots. A cruise of the inside OHORI with golden color boat is available. You can see the castle stone walls right in front of that. The inside of Tenshukaku is a museum.

    Opening Hours 9:00~17:00
    Non-Working Day 1/28~1/1
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    • レストラン


      This is a private school established by Koan Ogata who is a bushi, doctor and Dutch scholar in late of the Edo Period. It is a very quiet place although it is located in the middle of Osaka. There are a two-story wooden house and inner court. Many students learned medical science here. A tour of the inside of the building is available.

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