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Osaka Castle

There are many place to see besides Tenshukaku! In spring, cherry blossoms come out in the garden of Nshinomaru and you can take a photo as if a castle is on the cherry blossom trees. The Gokuraku Bridge over OHORI (a pond surrounding the castle) is one of the best photo spots. A cruise of the inside OHORI with golden color boat is available. You can see the castle stone walls right in front of that. The inside of Tenshukaku is a museum.

Opening Hours9:00~17:00
Non-Working Day1/28~1/1

Yofoyabashi・Kitahama Areas

  • Chuo Kokaido

    Chuo Kokaido

    It is a historical building built with the fund provided by Einosuke Iwamoto, who was called a legendary stockjobber. Although it was build in the Taisho Period, it still has strong presence in this age. A tour to see the inside of the building is available with charge.

  • Nakanoshima Park

    Nakanoshima Park

    Nakanoshima Park - Nakanoshima is a middle ground between Doshima River and Tosabori River in Osaka city. There are some public facilities such as Osaka City Hall and Bank of Japan Osaka branch, and a historical building, Chuo Kokaido. Since the park is well maintained, you can enjoy walking and having a break at a cafe.

  • Tekijuku


    This is a private school established by Koan Ogata who is a bushi, doctor and Dutch scholar in late of the Edo Period. It is a very quiet place although it is located in the middle of Osaka. There are a two-story wooden house and inner court. Many students learned medical science here. A tour of the inside of the building is available.

Other Areas

  • Namba bridge (Lion bridge)

    Namba bridge (Lion bridge)

    Namba bridge (Lion bridge) - It has been built since the Edo Period. This is one of the famous bridges in Osaka, which is known as `Lion bashi` The entire length of the bridge is about 190m. The splendid lights and the stairs going down to the Nakanoshima park are beautiful. The area has many modern and retro buildings such as the Osaka Stock Exchange.

  • Osaka Umeda

    Osaka Umeda

    Osaka Umeda - It is a center of Osaka where the stations of JR, subway and private railways. The huge underground shopping center is famous in Osaka. Many department stores and shopping buildings gather in Umeda area. You can find many restaurants and shops, from old to trendy ones, in the area. There are urbanized area and retro area in Umeda. You can enjoy there either daytime or nighttime.

  • Festival Hall

    Festival Hall

    Festival Hall - It is a large culture facility (multiple-purpose hall) located in Nakanoshima, Kita district, Osaka city. Various kinds of concert such as classical music, jazz, popular music, Nou and Kyogen are held in the hall. This is the selected as one of the best 100 halls by music sounds producers. The high level function is admired by top artists.