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  • 会員様専用ラウンジ


    This is a head temple of Jyodoshinshu Honganji which has so many believers in Japan. Both Higashi-Honganji and Nishi-Honganji, which are head temples of Jyodoshinshu, are located in Kyoto. Therefore, Nishi-Honganji is called `Onishi-san` by local people. Many people visit here in order to lay family's ashes to rest.

    Kyoto Aquarium

    • レストラン

      Kyoto Aquarium

      It is a famous aquarium which is the largest in Kyoto. It is located in the Umekoji Park which is about 15 minutes walk from Hotel WBF Gojyo Omiya. You can observe sea creatures in Kyoto city, where is not facing sea, and observe Japanese giant salamanders, which are registered as a natural monument. Besides that, many creatures originated in Kyoto are exhibited. The spaces for those creatures are imitated their actual living places as much as possible.

      • Downtown
      • Eastern kyoto

        Kiyomizu Shrine

      • Central Kyoto
        Nijojo (Nijo Castle)
      • Kyoto sta.
        Kyoto Railways Museum

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