Hotel WBF Fukuoka Tenjin Minami

3-23-32,Haruyoshi,Chuoku,Fukuoka,Japancheck-in 15:00/ out 11:00TEL:  81(0)92-737-4123


  • ホテルWBF特製牛すじカレー


    We offer a first-rate menu where you can eat food from vegetables.This healthy, body-friendly breakfast prevents sudden absorption of sugar and increases in blood sugar.

    OPENING HOURS 7:00~10:00(L.O.9:30)
    PRICE 1,500 yen (tax included)
    • 和洋食ブッフェ

      Sand & Salad

      You can enjoy a luxurious but healthy breakfast, such as a powdered salad made with duck meat, which has a lower calorie than other meats, a sandwich made with your favorite vegetables, and a superb pizza baked using dough made in the store.

      • ホテルWBF特製牛すじカレー

        Vegetable for immediate consumptionSuguvege

        Eating habits that tend to be biased, and the power of smoothie

        Smoogie with plenty of vegetables is recommended for those who have few chances to eat salads.If you don't have enough vegetables or fruits in your diet, it is good to make and drink in the morning, so it is also a recommended breakfast menu.Recommended recipes are Kale Avocado, Bananas, Honey and Milk.There are many other combinations! Please let us know the staff.

        Breakfast Menu

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          Hotel WBF Fukuoka Tenjin Minami
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