Hotel WBF Fukuoka Tenjin Minami

〒810-0003 3-23-32,Haruyoshi,Chuoku,Fukuoka,Japancheck-in 15:00/ out 11:00TEL:  +81(0)92-737-4123


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    • 質の高い眠りと目覚めをお届けします


      Supporting women's beauty with a health and beauty-oriented buffet breakfast

      The menu is supervised by a certified healthcare and beauty tester that provides a delicious menu that takes nutritional balance and calorie intake into consideration.The important moment of the beginning of a day can be used as a time for health and beauty promotion.

      Vegetable for immediate consumptionSUGUVEGE

      • ビュッフェ形式のご朝食

        Vegetable for immediate consumptionSUGUVEGE

        How about starting this morning custom of delicious and nutritious for your body?

        The power of smoothies in the diet, which tends to be biased. This hotel supports the beauty of women, and offers smooth vegetables that can be easily picked.

        Guest Room

        • 会員様専用ラウンジ

          Guest Room

          Guest rooms with relaxed design and a rich beauty amenities

          With the aim of creating simple and functional guest rooms, we have installed multi-prop beds with a double spring structure that is gentle to the body.We have also installed a variety of facilities that are essential to women's beauty.


          • 大阪市中央公会堂


            From this hotel, you can access various tourist spots such as Fukuoka Tower, Dazaifu, and Kainochu Kaihin Park.Please enjoy sightseeing in Fukuoka starting from this hotel.


            • アクセス


              Approximately 10 minutes by train from Fukuoka Airport
              and 5 minutes' walk from Tenjin-minami Station.

              住所 3-23-32,Haruyoshi,Chuoku,Fukuoka,Japan
              TEL 81(0)-737-4123
              CHeck-in/Out 15:00 - 11:00

              Hotel WBF Fukuoka Tenjin Minami
              〒810-0003  3-23-32,Haruyoshi,Chuoku,Fukuoka,Japan
              check-in 15:00 / out 11:00

              TEL: +81(0)92-737-4123