Club WBF member is recruiting!!

Point system is applied in all WBF group hotels.
The more you stay in WBF hotels, the more points you will get!

Member Registration

  • Benefit 1

    No admission or annual membership fees
    Completely Online Based Service

    Enjoying all the benefits and starting saving points as soon as you become a member of Club WBF. It is more convenient to use smartphones for cardless system. (Getting more benefits by using the official sites as well as Club WBF system.)

  • Benefit 2

    Receive WBF points at Group Hotels!!

    Receive WBF points equivalent to 5% of your payment (including consumption tax)※1 of your reservation made through the WBF official website. When reserved through website besides WBF official website, 100 points per room per night will be given. Please notify receptionists that you are a registered member.

  • Benefit 3

    Getting cash back!!
    Redeem points for a discount of next booking!!

    After your total points reached over 100 points, you can use it as a discount coupon (1 points=1 JPY) when making reservation directly through WBF official website.

  • Benefit 4

    Enjoying discounted member's rate!!

    After registeration and logging into the official website, you will be able to see the closed member's rate. Get best rate by booking through official website.

  • Benefit 5

    Stay and get member's gifts!

    Member's only gifts and service (ex. skin care set, drip coffee, early check in and late check out...) will be given. Please notify receptionists in case you are a member and made a reservation through website besides WBF website.

  • Benefit 6

    3-year of validity period!!

    Your WBF point is valid until the end of the same month of the 3rd calender year after receiving points.

Getting more rewardiings with more stays in WBF Hotels…

WBF Gold Status

Gold Status will be given once your total expenditure on our lodging service reach 100,000 JPY within a calendar year, and you will be able to receive ungrated service.※2

WBF Platinum Status

Platinum Status will be given if you keep Gold Status for 5 consecutive years or if your total expenditure by then reach 1,000,000 JPY. This is lifelong status ※3, and in addition to the service for Gold status, 10,000 bonus points will be provided after your first stay night evey year.

  • ※1:Point will not be granted for purchase of gift, use of hotel facilities for purpose other than overnight lodging, and other applicable tax.
  • ※2:The closed member's rates are shown only when having experience of staying in any of WBF group hotels after registering the membership.
  • ※3:The contents of upgrated service will be differ with hotels. Please contact to each hotel for more details. Gold Status would be expiredin case the total expenditire did not reach 100,000 JPY in next calendar year.
  • ※4:in order to keep platinum Status, at least one night of accomodation use in a year is required.

Register now and get500 Bonus Points!!
Do not miss the chance to get discounts!!

Member Registration

Please register from the frontdesk of WBF group hotels or the website (。
You can get WBF point after your first stay in WBF hotels.
Please notify receptionists in case you are a member and made a reservation through website besides WBF website. In that situation, please open Club WBF my page( your smartphone or tablet, and show the receptionists the top page. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

【Pvivate Policy】
We promise we will protect customers' private informations (Name, Mail-address, Telephone number, etc.) appropriatly. We do not disclose any customers' informations to any third party.