Tenjin Festival

Hi there

I'm thrilled to let you know that Tenjin Festival is approaching in 2 weeks!

Tenjin Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Japan which includes Tenjin Festival, Gion Festival(Kyoto) and Kanda Festival(Tokyo).

Tenjin Festival is held for 3 days from 23rd to 25th , July.

I would like to tell you simply what is going to happen in each days.

The Gal Mikoshi is the festival which has been held since 1981, you can enjoy the festival on 23rd.

On the second day(24th), You can experience Shishimai Lion Dance Parade and a party for the eve of the main festival.

The last day(25th), you can experience Funatogyo, Honmiyasai festival and the main event of FIREWORKS!!!!!

From Hotel Artstay Namba to the Tenjin Matsuri Festival,
please take the Sakaisuji Line from Ebisucho station to Minamimori station,
go out at Exit 7 and takes about 2 minutes by walking distance,

Please check this out at http://www.tenjinmatsuri.com/

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