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Ishigaki Ferry Terminal 

  • 会員様専用ラウンジ

    Igigaki Ferry terminal 

    This remote island transportation hub serves as the gateway to the Yaeyama Islands, such as Taketomi Island and Iriomote Island. Traffic access to the Yaeyama Islands is concentrated here, with regular routes from each company frequently coming and going. It is within walking distance of the Hotel WBF Avian Ishigaki Island, so it can also be used as a base for sightseeing on remote islands. This remote island terminal is both a tourist destination and an important transportation hub for people living in the Yaeyama Islands. Because of this, there are many shops selling Yaeyama-like items in the terminal, so you might be able to encounter a little unusual souvenir.


    • レストラン


      The public market in Ishigaki City sells fresh food for people living on Ishigaki Island. Since rare ingredients are sold as a matter of course, please feel free to experience Yaeyama's food culture. The shopping district extending as if enclosing public markets is Ishigaki Island's only arcade district, with many souvenir shops and restaurants lined up, and is an area where guests will visit once. Misaki Town is an area lined with restaurants and bars, and is also known as the southernmost shopping district in Japan both in name and reality. There are many Okinawan restaurants that use Yaeyama ingredients, as well as many restaurants where you can enjoy Misen's live performances, so please enjoy the night of Ishigaki Island.
      • TAKETOMI
      • TAKETOMI

        Yubushima Island

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        Torinji Temple
      • ISHIGAKI

      Hotel WBF Abianpana Ishigakijima
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