Facility & Service

For guests only

  • 会員様専用ラウンジ

    For guests only

    The restaurant space on the first floor of the Hotel WBF (Avian) in Ishigaki Island is a lounge exclusively for guests at night.You can enjoy it free of charge, such as coffee, sanpi tea, and sikwarser juice, so it can be used as a dining space as well as foods bought at markets and stores.There are also terrace seats, so you can relax and feel the breeze from the stone wall.
    OPENING HOUR 24 hours
    LOCATION Restaurant on the first floor
    OFFERING CONTENT Awamori, coffee, Sanpincha, etc.
    PRICE Free of charge for guests

      Facility & Service

      • Facilities
        • Lounge
        • VOD (Video on demand)
        • Vending Machine
        • Ice Machine
        • Water Dipenser
      • Service
        • Launcry Services
        • Laggage Storage Service
        • 24hour Reception
        • Security System
      • Rental Items
        • Alarm Clock
        • Iron
        • Phone Charger
        • Humidifier/li>
        • Wine opener
        • Thermometer
        • Extension cord
        • Desk Lamp
        • Blanket
        • Ice bucket
        • Umbrella
        • Weigh
        • Glass
        • Nail clippers

      Hotel WBF Abianpana Ishigakijima
      check-in 15:00 / out 11:00

      TEL: +81(0)980-83-9002