• 和洋食ブッフェ


    Can be arranged every morning
    More than 100 varieties of Okinawa soba

    Even if you say Okinawa soba in one bite, there are various kinds of 
    noodles such as Yamabara, Yaeyama, and Miyako.In addition to goya and squid ink,
    this hotel offers you six varieties of noodles, ingredients, soup stock, and more.
    OPENING HOUR 7:00~9:00

    Breakfast Menu

    • We have a total of six options, including Miyako and Yaeyama noodles.

    • You can arrange as many toppings as you like.

    • Juicy (Okinawan takikomi gohan) is also available.

    • Toppings of three slices of Okinawan meat

    • Serving example


      • 1階カフェペース


        Spacious terrace seating with a modern atmosphere

        The spacious lounge also serves as a breakfast venue, and after breakfast you can use it as a private lounge for guests.
        There is an open terrace seating next to it, and it is a space where you can enjoy yourself as an adult's Ishigaki resort.

        Hotel WBF Abianpana Ishigakijima
        check-in 15:00 / out 11:00

        TEL: +81(0)980-83-9002